A Typical Day at UF


7:00 AM – Wake up call. Tried not to wake up my roommate while getting dressed. Didn’t get much sleep last night (Do not recommend!)

7:30 AM – Caught the bus to the center of campus. No one is really around because people don’t like morning classes.

7:45 AM – Made it to the cafe. I’m on a meal plan so I eat meal plan food. Got waffles with chocolate while I go over my notes for the lecture today. Professor typically gives pop quizzes so, I like to be ready.

8:30 AM – In class. Professor did give a pop quiz. I got a 100%. Tip: Go over your notes one last time before a test, you never know if something you just read would be on it.

9:40 AM – Have a tiny break between classes. Got some Starbucks while I wait.

10:30 AM – Theatre class. Big auditorium style course with at least 100-150 people. Professor gives a big lecture on modern musicals. Test coming up soon so I get some kids from my section together for a study group.

11:40 AM – Lunch! Headed on over to the cafe for some Pollo Tropical. Saw one of my friends from College Dems and met up with her.

12:45 PM – Last class of the day. Was called on in class (and wasn’t prepared for it). Oh well..

2:00 PM – Quick nap back at the dorm before my club meetings later this afternoon.

4:00 PM – College Dems meeting. Heading out later to my internship downtown.

6:00 PM – Downtown at my internship’s campaign office. Working the phones there for a few hours.

9:00 PM – Back at the dorm. Eating easy mac with my roommate while we study.

12:00 PM – Off to bed.

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